Chasing Shadows

Released March 15, 2018

Released March 15, 2018


Track Listing:

  1. Chasing Shadows (2:49)
  2. Shake Sweet Sugar (3:19)
  3. Fluid Love (2:33)
  4. Cold Cold Ground (2:36)
  5. Once Had You (4:23)
  6. Comes in Colours (2:49)
  7. Poor Eliza (2:25)

Album Credits:

All songs written by Evan Cheadle.
Evan Cheadle: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo on track 1 and 7, Glockenspiel tracks 1 and 3, Bass on track 1, 6 and 7, Percussion on track 2, Mandolin on track 7. Ryan Boldt: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron on track 4, Percussion on track 2 Harmony vocals on track 1, Melodica on track 5. Keenan Mittag-Degala: Drums. Geoff Hilhorst: Organ on tracks 4 and 5. Shuyler Jansen: String arrangement on track 3. Maria Grigoryeva: Violin and Viola on track 3. Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva: Cello on track 3. Jayne Trimble: Backing vocals on track 5.

Produced By Ryan Boldt. Engineered By Ryan Boldt. Tracks 1–5: Mixed by Ryan Boldt and Shuyler Jansen, Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio, Stockholm. 

Tracks 6 and 7: Produced by Jakob Nielsen & Evan Cheadle, Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Jakob Nielsen. 

Photography by Harvey Foster. Hats from Black Tulip Hats. Design and layout by

A special thanks to Ryan Boldt, Shuyler Jansen and Nadia Engelstoft.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government
of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.
Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement
du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

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